OneBeat Virtual (2021)

OneBeat Virtual will digitally convene 70 musicians from up to 44 countries and territories in two separate virtual residencies taking place July 12 – September 6, 2021 and September 20 – November 17, 2021. Each program will offer a fully virtual residency and exchange program with musicians from around the globe. Over the course of 8-weeks, OneBeat Virtual Fellows will investigate new forms of virtual collaboration, form ensembles to write, produce, and perform genredefying work, attend virtual masterclasses and open-studios, lead online workshops, and produce a streaming final concert for the public.

Virtual Partner Residency (2020 - 2021)
Goethe Institut

In Virtual Partner Residency by Goethe Institut, Rani Jambak is pairing with Lyra Pramuk (Berlin based - American vocalist) to compose a collaborating music “Restore” to celebrate The Earth Day 2021.

Music by : Rani Jambak and Lyra Pramuk
Video by : Evi Ovtiana (Collaboration Drone with Iwan Ichtiara https://

Suara Minangkabau (2021)
Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture

Understanding acoustic space in Minangkabau is not only about nature and tradition, but also the urban society that shapes modern Minangkabau today. Listening back to the sounds or soundscapes created by cultural, economic, natural and other activities can give us a different experience in understanding the Minangkabau sonic environment. Especially for the Minangkabau people who live in the Minangkabau area itself or who live outside the area or Rantau.
This project is carried out to cultivate the richness of sound in the Minangkabau region which then provides a new experience for the Minangkabau community in understanding their environment through a musical approach. Supported by : Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture

Music : Rani Jambak

Novembre Numérique (2020)
Flux De Mémoire (Gerbang Warisan)

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To celebrate Novembre Numérique 2020, Rani Jambak working together with Evi Ovtiana to create a short video tittled "Bétel: Embracing Question" and "Bétel: Keeping Tradition”. 

Film : Evi Ovtiana

Music and Sound design : Rani Jambak
Currator : Ayos Purwoaji
In Collaboration with :
The Institut français ( )
Alliance Française Medan ( )

Sound of X (2020)
Goethe Institut Singapore

How can we reconnect with the spaces we live in, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced people all over the world into isolation? Musicians and artists of Sound of X propose answers: using sounds, noises and acoustics as the basis for their urban re-imaginations, they explored their sonic environment. The resulting video-soundscapes offer a unique experience of our cities.

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In collaboration with Goethe Institut Singapore ( )
Producer : Matthias Jochmann (
Music and Soundscapes : Rani Jambak
Film : Evi Ovtiana, Benny Panjaitan

Medan Soundspectives (2019)

Medan Soundspectives‘ is a cultural festival that focuses on the art of hearing and the acoustic diversity of Medan. The program consists of various film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, public discussions and music concerts of 20 Medanese bands of various genres – Hip Hop, Classic, Traditional, EDM, Experimental etc. By this multi-dimensional approach I hope to raise the audiences attention for the diversity of Medan, for its sounds and for the importance of listening as the basis for profound communication. As ‚Medan Soundspectives‘ seeks to attract a broad audience it will balance entertainment and education.

BTS (Behind the scenes)